Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Sunday!

Have you been outside? Ohhhh if not yet, you better go and check it out! The weather is so GREAT! We already did our Sunday walking with our yellow lab and we're loving it! We had our lunch at our back patio. Awesome Colorado! Last two days we had snow storm, and now.... girl! It's all dripping like crazy. We go walking to the post office and mail our bill payments, then we go to a dollar store to grab some glue for our vacuum, I kind a broke it! We then headed to 7'eleven for our Sunday newspaper for the coupons, you can really save a lot at the grocery store with manufacturer discount, we grab some scratch lottery ticket too! Who knows.. we can be one of the millionaire! hahahahha there's nothing wrong for dreaming... hummmmmm! let's see... we didn't sratch anything yet. So... enjoy the weather girlfriends! And have a GREAT sunday!

pinay meh

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