Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excited for our new couch!

We are all excited for our new couch, which will be here tomorrow. Whew! It's been a month or so we've been waiting for that time, finally! We put our old one downstairs, we've been cleaning the house whole day today. We rented a carpet cleaner at Kingsoopers and it work out really good. I did some laundry too, I planned to do the ironing but we go to costco and ran some errands soo it is pending again harharharhar! Well.... I'll be in the studio tomorrow and jazzersize after work. It might be late again to visit you back my fellow bloggers.... And ohhhh! I am so excited for our girls gathering on Friday.. Mmmmmm yummy food again! Me and my other girlfriends will be there earlier to help out. I am not sure if my hubby lovey can make it, he has a session from morning till night. Will talk to you soon... have a nighty night!

pinay meh

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