Monday, May 4, 2009

You think it'll rain again?

Last night, it was awesome! It's been raining and we love it... the grass, trees and flowers are loving the rain for sure. We just plated some flowers at our backyard and bring some over at the studio. We are so excited for the upcoming studio party on July. We are not sure with the date yet, but it'll fall on Sundays... Hope my girlfriends can come!

It's pretty gloomy again today, you think it'll rain again? The news broadcast that this gonna be a rainy month... I still need to take my road test for my driver's licensed. My honey is still busy with some other things, I might inform him that a friend of mine can go with me if he still don't have time. I am just so eager to have my driver's licensed so I will not always depend on my hubby's time. Have a good one dear!

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