Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grocery Manufacturers Association

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has opposed virtually every state bill across the nation that would restrict the sale of junk food or soda in schools. With more lobbying resources and money to contribute to political campaigns, the GMA is able to beat back nutrition advocates. GMA lobbyists have also banded together with soda lobbyists to oppose efforts to limit the sale of soda in schools and with restaurant associations to oppose the posting of calories on menu boards. On business issues, government policy or consumer concerns, we’re uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of the industry and serve as an information resource to journalists, legislators, government officials, industry analysts and others interested in food safety dynamic and rapidly-changing industry.

GMA’s staff experts, along with our associate membership of management consulting firms, continually provide our member companies with new insights on business trends and practices. Because GMA members are consumers too, they understand the forces that are helping shape consumption habits. Rapidly advancing technology, the quest for convenience and advances in biotechnology are just a few factors impacting the development of new and exciting products for consumers today.


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