Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love Coffee Houses!

There is something about coffee houses that I really love. I’m constantly asking my friends to meet me at the Starbucks near my house and I’ve developed a first name relationship with the coffee house owner just up the street from me! I think it’s something about the smell of the roasting beans and the constant buzz of people in and out the door that I love. It’s like doing something social, but no need to dress up! I think it’s fun to take some work over to the coffee house on Sunday and just sit by the big window and type away. I usually use my clear-internet connection while I’m there since they don’t yet have wireless, but it’s fine since it’s faster anyway. My favorite coffee house in downtown has a checkers game that anyone can use…I like to take dates there after we go to dinner! It’s cheaper than going out for drinks and far more low key…and really, who doesn’t like hanging out in a coffee house late at night?

pinay meh

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