Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Sports Network For A Sports Nut

Being a sports nut, I am always looking for the best station for my hometown teams. After some searching that is more thorough than I care to admit, Fox Sports West has become my favorite sports network. There are a lot of choices out there, but when I am watching local baseball teams, this is the channel I flip to.

There are a lot of sports networks on Satalite TV, from ESPN to ABC baseball, but when it comes down to what network I am watching, it is all about local games. I may keep an eye out on other baseball teams on the internet or in the Sunday newspaper, but when I want to watch local games with knowledgeable announcers, Fox Sports West is my channel. Both the Dodgers and the Angels are given a huge amount of face time on this network meaning that I don't have to flip through channels hoping to catch a few highlights later on in the day. More importantly, the announcers are just as big as fans as I am. They know these teams in and out which I have a front row seat to all the action, every game.

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