Saturday, December 20, 2008

Movie time!

Last night we watch " Yes Man" movie with Jim Carrey. It is so funny and goofy in a good way. You better watch this one if you and your hubby needs a break! hehehhehe We go to AMC Theatre just right here in Westminster, lots of people was in the theater and ohhhhhhhh loud laughing....
I really enjoyed our night, nice break for us especially for my hubby. Later today, we will drop off our exercise thingy to our friends house, we are not using it anymore so its better to give it to someone that who will use it.
Tonight at 6pm I'm going to party! Yeppeeeyyyy! My hubby can't make it because he had a session today. So my friend and her hubby will just pick me up here and my hubby lovey will pick me up at the venue if we're done patying.
You have a great weekend my fwends! Have a Merry Christmas and Bountiful New Year!

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