Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looks can be deceiving....

As saying goes by "You cant judge a book by its cover". But seriously, we can never really tell about a person from what you merely see in the outside. Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes people are judged by the way they look without thinking that finding a person with good heart is more important than finding a person with the right look.
At certain times I am honestly guilty too about sizing up people on the basis of external appearance. But now that im getting older doing so doesn't feel right anymore. Along with it also comes the acceptance that while not all of us are visually stimulating this isn't something that showed being a person to the pits of despair.
Most likely, one might just be even more gifted with something else, Intelligent perhaps, An excellent singing voice or a razor sharp with. Like everything in life, no one has it all. we all have our strengths and different weaknesses. We all are gifted, special and unique. Its up to us to appreciate what God given to us.
We dont need to be everything for everyone. Besides there will ALWAYS be people who will take us for who we are and these are the PEOPLE who are truly matter.. As a rule of thumb says:

pinay meh

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