Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my day....

Today we get up sooo late.. taking our time and sleeping more. We go to bed lastnight like almost midnight, me and my hubby been talking about how are days goes. His session did great last night and my day is awesome. I eat lots of Pinoy food in my friends house for her surprised birthday party to her hubby. Meet some new Pinay in there too! And some of them are teasing me, because just me and the other Pinay who doesn't have a baby yet, well for me and hubby... it's not yet the right time ! Or Is hould say, I'm not yet ready! lOl.... Raising a kid specially here in America is not that easy.....
My body is little bit tired cause I have my monthly visitor, just partially clean the house while hubby is trimming our plants in the frontyard. We did some grocery today and grab lunch outside. When we get home, we decided to take a nap. My hubby had a session again tonight till 11 pm, but he rented some movies for me. We rented horror movie titled " The Eye", I saw the commercial of this one and I think I'm gonna like it. My hubby says you are a sweet girl but you like horror movies lOl.... I just told him, well I dont know honey, I just love watching that kind of movie.
It's dinner time now, better feed our abbey and get the rice cooking! I'll have steamed rice, chicken curry and "uyap" for dinner.... leftover from my friends party. Yeeeppeeeyyyy!!!! ssooooo talk to you later my fwends.... have a good night!

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